About Us

Our Story

Together in 2021, Adam and his brother started Vitilan Electric Bike Company. Vitilan attributes its success to combining family bonds with career paths. When Adam’s aging father could no longer run his bicycle repair shop of 40 years, Adam resolutely resigned from his former position to carry on the family legacy. Together, Adam and his brother formed their own working teams and became closer because of it.Adam believes that it takes courage to re-evaluate your life plans, and that family, work, and love can all coexist.These are the values that inspire us at Vitilan. They stick with us in our day-to-day operations and showcase themselves in the products we produce.

Company Concepts

Vitilan E-Bike provides various types of both urban and all-terrain fat tire electric bicycles. Our bikes are suitable for people of all ages. Innovation, quality, and excellent customer service are the pillars of our business.

Our Mission and Vision


In such a fast-paced era of life,our products combine the love of technology and cycling with the concept of a healthy, fast and convenient commute. Let people ride freely in their spare time, shuttle through the beautiful nature, swim on the free coast, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of vast and blue sky, creating a life be full of endless possibilities for people.


We believe urban commuting doesn't have to be time-consuming, expensive, and environmental pollution. This is why we want to encourage people to choose electric bikes as a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient means of commuting in cities, and it is also the preferred method of transportation for people to avoid traffic jams. Folding electric bikes are easy to carry and comfortable to ride. The upgraded fat tires are stable and durable and are suitable for diverse complex terrains. Fast, intelligent, and reliable electric bikes allow you to go anywhere at any time.

Our Achievement

75000+ mile 

Total Distance Riden+


Active Riders

854000+ lb

Total CO₂ Emissions Saved


Equivalent Trees Planted