Is a Full-Suspension Ebike Good for Long Rides?

by GanterRosie on Feb 17, 2023

Is a Full-Suspension Ebike Good for Long Rides?

From my point of view, taking long rides on electric bikes, instead of regular mountain bikes, is one of the best ways to travel around. Why do we mention traditional mountain bikes here? In the era when electric bikes were not widespread yet, people generally used mountain bikes for long-distance riding. However, as time goes by, more and more riders find out ebikes for sale are far more excellent for long-distance than traditional mountain bikes. After all, they save both time and energy, giving you the best experience on long trips.

There are a variety of ebike models on the market. One of them is the full suspension ebike. It is a great model with better performance compared with regular electric bikes. Since there exist, such wonderful ebike models, we believe some people must have a question: is a full-suspension electric bike good for long rides? Well, just keep reading, and you will get your answer.

Is a full suspension ebike better for older riders?

In fact, the young are not the only group of riders who loves long rides on ebikes, many aged people would love to do that as well. However, as people get older, they won’t be able to ride like they did decades ago. They will get slower and take no more risks. The only thing unchanged is their love for bike riding.

With a full-suspension ebike, the whole situation can change. It is not difficult to realize that a full-suspension electric bike can make long rides more comfortable for the old than those unsuspended ebikes. For example, even though a hardtail ebike has a front suspension fork, the rear part of it won’t be able to absorb shocks and bumps when it hits rocks or something like that. A full-suspension ebike can definitely do a better job than a hardtail. It is capable of providing all-around shock absorption. For this reason, we believe a full suspension ebike is absolutely better for older rides.

Moreover, as older riders have the less physical ability, they tend to choose electric bikes for adults that are more stable and easy to ride. Unlike the young, who prefer fast racing and fast handling, older riders would rather ride straightly. A hardtail electric mountain bike is a more suitable model for the young to make crazy and exciting moves while full-suspension ebikes provide more stable and safer rides.

4 Tips for long rides on full-suspension electric bikes

So, it is crystal clear that it is wise to choose a full suspension ebike for long rides, but you’d better note that it is as easy as think because you may encounter unexpected situations. Below are 4 tips for you.

1. Check carefully before riding

A careful check on your full-suspension electric bikes is something you should never forget. That should be one of your good habits as it could help to keep them in good working condition.

Basically, you could make sure that all bolts are tightened so that components don’t fall apart. Another important components are the brakes. They should be working well when you are riding out. Otherwise, you will take the risk of getting hurt. Just push a few steps forward and apply both brake levers, if they are not working normally, you may need to take it to a bike shop or fix it by yourself. Also, both front and rear suspensions play a significant role in long rides, so it is necessary to check them out. Learn more about ebike suspension here. The key point is that if you are not an ebike expert, you can turn to a specialized shop, which is worth it, and not a waste of money.

2. Pick up the right clothing

The clothing you choose can affect any long rides you plan. The choice should depend on the season. For example, it is winter and really cold outside. Besides coats and sweaters, you’d better wear a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. Some of you are probably not scared of the cold, but the cold air can scratch your hands badly, getting rid of your courage of riding ebikes.

There may be people suggesting that you wear professional cycling clothing. It is fine to purchase it if you really love it, but for most of us who are just riding for fun, cycling clothing is unnecessary. Anyway, it is your choice.

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