What Should I Upgrade on my Ebike?

by GanterRosie on Apr 19, 2023

What Should I Upgrade on my Ebike?

One of the most incredible things about riding an ebike is equipping your bike with gear that can make it more special or unique. For those who bought their ebikes for several days only, they are more thrilled to add some indispensable ebike accessories to achieve an improved riding experience.

Well, definitely, it is wonderful to have some of the best ebike accessories, but do you really know what fits you the best? Riders do not have some requirements and standards for choosing ebike accessories. For instance, a child trailer is quite necessary for a family of children while it is useless for a bachelor. So in this guide, we will list some of the best ebike accessories to help you upgrade your ebikes, just keep reading.

1. GPS Tracker

Investing in an electric bike can cost quite a lot of money. The price can range from $1500 or more. Whatever the price is, the last thing you want to do with your ebikes is lose it. In this case, a GPS tracker can get you peace of mind.

Just like the GPS built into your phone, a GPS tracker can provide a real-time location for your ebikes. Some GPS trackers can prevent ebikes thefts by providing alerts when your ebike is moved out of a specific area. Even though your electric bikes are unfortunately stolen, you’ve still got a chance to get them back by locating them.

Generally, a GPS tracker not only reduces the chances of your ebikes being stolen, but also sets your mind at rest. You just don’t have to always look out the windows to see if your electric bikes are missing.

2. A Second Battery

Whether a second battery is really needed is debatable. Actually, it depends on the needs of the riders. A second battery can guarantee a longer ebike ride, allowing riders to ride for a long time without recharging the battery. So basically, for those who love to ride ebikes to cover a long distance, a second battery should work. However, if you just use your electric bikes for easy commutes and short trips like running errands, you may not have to own a second battery.

Not all electric bikes deal with batteries in the same way. Some ebikes for sale don’t come with removable batteries. Regarding this sort of ebikes, it may be unnecessary to purchase a second battery unless they are designed to be able to accommodate another battery. Of course, if your electric bikes are equipped with removable batteries, you can always buy a second battery whenever you need it.

3. A Comfortable Seatpost

A Seatpost is an ebike component that is always left out. Most people think that a saddle is the one that absorbs shocks, but a Seatpost plays a vital role as well.

Basically, a suspension seatpost is designed to absorb shocks and vibration. With fewer shocks and vibrations, there will be less stress on riders’ bodies, leading to less fatigue for riders. That means a suspension seatpost can provide riders with a more comfortable ebike ride.

Regarding the bike itself, as a suspension seatpost reduces impact, which will otherwise be absorbed by the bike, it helps to reduce wear and tear and improve durability. Moreover, many suspension seatposts are adjustable, allowing riders to get the amount of suspension for different kinds of terrain.

4. A Reliable Bike Lock

Many traditional bikes come with integrated wheel locks while most electric bikes don’t. And even if you’ve got a GPS tracker for your ebikes, it is still likely for your electric bike to be stolen. I am sure nobody wants to spend time looking for their lost ebikes. If so, a reliable bike lock is exactly what you need.

There are all kinds of ebike locks, including U locks, D locks, chain locks, and cable locks. Some of them are made to be foldable to save space. We couldn’t say which kind fits more as it depends on your demands and how to use it. U locks and D locks are considered to be the most sturdy and secure bike locks, not easily broken, but they are not flexible and can not work in some situations. Oppositely, chain locks and cable locks are way more flexible and can be used in any circumstance. They can be made to be strong and sturdy as well.

A lot of choices are there for you. From my perspective, you’d better select a foldable lock, which can be carried easily inside your bag or basket. Also, you need to know that it is not possible to make your ebikes theft-proof with merely a lock. It is to make those thieves feel like it is not worth the time breaking the lock to steal the bike.

Above are among the best accessories that can be added to your electric bike. To upgrade your electric bikes, there are still so many choices out there. Come and check out here for more accessories, to find more possibilities.