How to Avoid Losing Your Bike

by GanterRosie on Jan 06, 2023

How to Avoid Losing Your Bike

There is a risk involved when locking a bike and leaving it alone. Your bike will never be completely safe and secure. If you are searching for how to lock a bike properly, keep reading the top bike security advice in this article.

Simple Steps to Lock A Bike Properly

Pick a Busy Place to Park Your Bike

Always try to lock your bike in a busy area with lots of foot traffic. Bikes locked up in quieter places are the target of bike thieves mostly since they do not want to be observed while trying to take one.

Select an Immovable Object to Lock Your Bike

With the best bike lock in the world, if you lock your bike to an unreliable object, you may leave it open to theft. In other words, the security of your bike depends on the thing it is locked to.

Be Aware of Your Environment and the Risk of Bike Theft

Your bike may be more at risk of theft in some parts of the city. It implies that it is crucial becoming familiar with your surroundings and if possible, to stay away from these more dangerous locations.

Use an Effective Bike Lock to Secure Your Bike

What is the price of a good bike lock? Not all locks of high quality are incredibly pricey. The best bike locks are often not cheap, but they will give your bike a higher level of security.

Lock Your E-Bike's Parts in Value Order

The next most expensive component, typically the wheels, you can secure once the frame has been fixed. No matter where you lock your bike, you must always lock parts of your bike in value order.

Keep Your Bike Hidden by Using a Bike Cover

Since thieves will not want to wait for very long, they will always target the bike that appears to be the least safe. Using a straightforward bike cover is an affordable and efficient solution to discourage bike thieves. High-quality bike covers keep your bike hidden and dry while protecting it from unneeded wear.

Keep Your Bike Locked in a CCTV-Monitored Area

Not everyone has the luxury of CCTV-monitored bike storage, if you are among the fortunate few, it is worth locking your bike up in a location that does.

Make sure the Keyhole Faces Downward

If you fix the lock to the ground, anyone can break it with a hammer or other tools. However, keeping your lock off the ground limits the harm that a thief could cause.

How to Lock A Bike at Home

The safest place to lock your bike is within your house if you have the space. If you keep your bike indoors, you can keep it out of sight and reduce the risk of burglary. Unfortunately, securing our bikes at home is not as secure as we might believe.

Simply because they are less likely to be apprehended, many thieves choose to target residences rather than steal a bike from the city center. Especially after midnight, residential neighborhoods are much quieter than busy city centers.

How to properly lock a folding bike at home if you do not have enough space? There are some fantastic wall mounts for your bike if you have a small house but want to keep it inside. These keep the floor clear and prevent unintended incidental harm to your bike.

Tips to Lock Your Electric Bike Properly

Here are some tips on how to properly lock a bike:

  • Keep your¬†e-bike¬†in a high-foot traffic area that is well lit.
  • Ensure that your e-bike is always locked to a solid object so no one can lift it over.
  • Check that the object you lock to cannot be cut.
  • If at all possible, bring any accessories that are simple to remove with you while leaving your e-bike (e-bike batteries, GPS screens, lights, etc.)
  • If possible, check that both wheels and your frame are secure.
  • Frame, back wheel, and front-wheel lock by value.
  • Find your fit as closely as possible! thieves find it harder to use their tools when there is less space inside the lock.
  • Place your lock with the keyhole facing down and off the ground.
  • E-bikes come in a wide range of models. Lock any installed locking mechanisms, such as brakes, when locking the bicycle. Install your battery lock before use.


You can deter criminals from targeting your bike by locking the bicycle, as many of its parts and accessories. If you do not also lock your bike with a high-quality lock, robbers will target your bike and probably steal it.