Fourth of July Fun

by LongAbigail on Jul 01, 2023

Fourth of July Fun

Independence Day is almost here! The Fourth of July is a great time to gather with friends, family, neighbors, and more for a mid-summer celebration. You can spend the day however you choose, but if you’re looking for some ideas to make the day even more fun, we’ve got some suggestions.

Places, everyone, it’s time for the big parade! If you want to watch your local Fourth of July parade without the hassle of parking and traffic, it’s a great idea to get there by bike. You can ride right up to where you want to sit, and when it’s done, simply ride off again. Just don’t forget your basket for all that parade candy.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling extra festive, put together your own mini-parade! This is a great activity for young kids. Get all decked out in your most star-spangled gear and organize a ride around the neighborhood. If you’ve got musical friends, you can even put together your own little marching band (or, y’know, three oboes and a kazoo, whatever you got). Just make sure to choose a safe route, like the sidewalk or a parking lot, especially if kids are involved.

Bike to the Barbeque

Is that the smoky perfume of charcoal you sense, wafting through the air? No doubt about it, a backyard barbeque or cookout of some kind is a quintessential staple of the Fourth of July. Build up an appetite and bike to that burger in style, on a hybrid perhaps. Got sides, drinks, games, or kids in tow? No problem! From bike bags and panniers to passenger trailers, there’s a way to get everyone and everything to roll up to party on time.

Cruise the Shoreline

If you happen to be by a beach of any sort, may we suggest a cruiser? It’s comfortable, it’s chic, and it’s the perfect way to meet up with the gang on your favorite stretch of shoreline. Turn up that old-school transistor radio and hoist the volleyball net- there’s some serious celebrating to do. Then later, if it’s permitted (very important), strike up the bonfire and finish the day with a round of U7. Absolute perfection.

Simply go Cycling

If all the festivities are stressing you out, it’s totally ok to take a break. Take a deep breath, take a nap, or our favorite (of course) go for a little ride. Just you and the road and plenty of space to breath. Even just fifteen minutes can go a long way to helping you feel refreshed. For an even more relaxing ride, you might want to check out an e-bike, which lets you ride without worrying about distance or hills. You deserve a break, it is a holiday after all.