Mountain Cycling with electric bikes: Essential Traffic Regulations You Must Follow

by hanahuang on Sep 13, 2023

Mountain Cycling with electric bikes: Essential Traffic Regulations You Must Follow

The main advantages of practicing mountain electric biking are the freedom and greater safety of cycling through the countryside, without sharing the road with cars, trucks, or electric bikes. But this increased freedom and relaxation does not mean a blank check for e-bikers.

All the environment has specific traffic regulations and there are many other groups that need the natural environment to carry out their activity, such as hikers, athletes, horse riders, or hunters. For this reason, it is important to know and adhere to current legislation to enjoy the route or training in the most responsible and civic way possible.

In this article, Vitilan will briefly introduce the mountain regulations that you need to follow.

Always ride on public roads

It is true that there are more and more limitations on mountain biking in the countryside or in the mountains. But that is not an excuse to invade private roads owned by farms or trails where the passage of bicycles is prohibited for environmental reasons. It is a fact that is repeated regularly and that gives compelling reasons to those who want to criminalize and end the practice of cycling in rural areas.

Priority of passage

In the countryside, animals always have priority over people. The most common thing is to find herds of cattle, sheep, or cows, on the roads, to which you must give way if they are crossing it.

In the case of other users, you must give priority of way to hikers and horse riders, in that order. On the other hand, and among riders of electric bikes, although there is no regulation in this regard, you must give preference to those who are going uphill on a narrow sloping path.

Do not open new paths or modify existing ones

Opening new trails or substantially modifying them, intentionally and without prior authorization, is prohibited by law. In the case of doing it in a protected space, such as natural or national parks.

Avoid jumping, placing walkways, cutting tree limbs, or drifting unnecessarily. 

Moderate your speed

In parks or crowded natural spaces that are close to cities, if there are no specific signs it is advisable to moderate the speed. Especially if it is a space frequented by other users, such as hikers, runners or is frequent passage of animals.

Always wear a helmet

As on the road, it remains mandatory to wear a helmet on roads and trails, as well as the corresponding lighting and a reflective vest in low visibility conditions. Do not forget that there is also traffic on rural roads, although much less, and it is regulated. Vitilan offer electric bike helmet for all the riders.

In conclusion, adhering to these vital traffic regulations while cycling with Vitilan in the mountains ensures not only your safety but also enhances the overall experience of exploring these breathtaking landscapes. So, gear up, stay informed, and pedal your way to unforgettable mountain adventures while respecting the rules of the road.