Ebike Black friday 2023- Best Time to Purchase Electric Bikes

by GanterRosie on Nov 02, 2023

Ebike Black friday 2023- Best Time to Purchase Electric Bikes

Thanksgiving season and Black Friday are that magical time of year when most companies are providing their best pricing of the year. If you know you would enjoy owning a quality electric bike, and you searching for a really good deal, then look no further. You're in luck because Vitilan is presenting unbeatable prices on high-quality e-bikes that will keep you riding happily for many years.

What is it that you most look forward to as you imagine yourself on a new ebike? Perhaps it is long, leisurely scenic rides as you explore the countryside. Or maybe it's a fun and very economical commute to work -- with no high gas prices! It could be that you live near beautiful beaches and need an e-bike that can handle the soft sand.

But then, you might be more interested in off-road adventures, and you definitely want a ride that can keep you going on the rough trails. Whatever type of riding has captured your attention, Vitilan has an electric mountain bike for you.

If you are a taller rider, you might prefer a big e-bike that stands tall. And if you are a shorter rider, a smaller e-bike may be what you want. If you're short on storage space or want to transport your ride very easily, then maybe you're looking for a folding e-bike. Again, Vitilan has an e-bike that's perfect for your needs. And with this Black Friday Sale, Vitilan is also perfect for your budget!

Can you take a good thing and make it even better? In this case, yes -- Vitilan managed to do it! These new rides are not just insignificant tweaks of previous models. The T7 is a major upgrade, and one of the prized features is the longer range provided by these new fat tire cruisers.

The hub motor for the new e-bikes is improved, and the amp hours of the redesigned battery are an improvement of 25%! This means more power and a range of up to 60 miles. Yes, 60 miles is a top number for lightweight riders pedaling on level terrain with little to no wind. The range of every rider will vary.

Of course, it is equipped with a newly improved hub motor and a new long-range battery. That’s a very impressive combination giving T7 riders 80NM of torque. T7 owners can look forward to faster starts in heavy traffic, improved hill-climbing capability, and a range of up to 60 miles. Of course, range varies with rider weight, terrain, wind speed, and the rider’s pedaling.

T7 Folding E-bike

Vitilan engineering makes this e-bike a breeze to transport or store, and U7 quality of design and components makes it a very comfortable ride. Two big factors in riding comfort are tires and suspension.

The U7 is equipped with 20″ X 4″ fat tires. It also comes standard with front fork suspension. This is not always the case with folding bikes, and this factor is a “biggie.” If you’ve ever been on an e-bike without front suspension, you know exactly what I mean! E-bikes that have both — fat tires and front suspension forks — are much more enjoyable to ride.

The combination of wide, stable fat tires plus front fork suspension does a great job of absorbing the bumps. Not only is it more comfortable, but it also eases stress on the arms, shoulders, and back. This one feature alone makes the U7 worthy of a position at the top of your list!

The Power You Need

Everybody wants a comfortable e-bike that fits their height, but they also want plenty of power. After all, it doesn’t help much if a bike accommodates a rider's size but doesn’t have enough power to get the extra weight up a steep hill.

Vitilan has always insisted on providing a motor that excels in both power and reliability. The I7PRO is no exception, giving riders a strong 750-watt (peak)  Bafang motor, powered by an unusually good battery, offering 52 volts. The I7PRO motor has the power to handle a 350-pound payload. CLICK HERE to find a I7PRO perfect for you!