About the Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

by GanterRosie on Nov 24, 2022

About the Health Benefits of Riding an Electric Bike

The Bonus Benefits of E-biking

Perhaps you have recently become the proud owner of a new Vitilan e-bike. Or maybe you are considering getting a quality electric bike and Vitilan is on your shortlist. Regardless, you most likely have been attracted to e-biking by a variety of factors. Your interests might include fun, exploring, economical commuting, scenic rides, or maybe just spending more time outdoors. Hopefully, improving health is also an important interest.

Consistent Healthy Exercise

I think of improved health as a "bonus benefit" of riding an e-bike regularly. Consistent exercise can be so much better with an electric bike for sale. You might remember riding a conventional bicycle and coming to a steep hill. It could be an exhausting struggle to pedal to the top. Or it might even be impossibly steep, requiring you to dismount and walk your bike to the top.

That type of hill-climbing experience isn't much fun. Additionally, it is certainly not quality exercise when the heart rate is extremely high at the top of the hill--and then you are forced to coast on the steep downhill side. That makes it tough to maintain an optimal pulse rate for beneficial exercise.

But on an ebike, the identical hill-climbing experience is entirely different. You can add just enough assistance from the motor to maintain the desired pace without over-exerting yourself. Your pulse rate stays within a healthy and beneficial range for cardio exercise.

How Your Vitilan Boosts Your Health

It doesn't take long to discover that owning an electric bike is bringing positive changes to your life, including your health. Consider these advantages:

Build Muscle and Bone Strength

At first glance, you might think that riding an e-bike is great for your legs, but does not of many benefits for other muscle groups. The truth is...e-biking is helpful for most areas of your body. Yes, the legs get the best workout, especially the quadriceps, but the benefits don't stop there.

For example, your glutes are involved in initiating every down-stroke of your pedaling. The intensity of glute exercise is less than that of your quadriceps but still helpful and important. Many other supporting muscles are also involved in riding. Hands, arms, shoulders neck, and feet all have a role to play, and the exercise helps keep all of them in good shape.

Enhance Joint Mobility and Range

We depend heavily upon our various joints for all physical activity. They tend to get "rusty" with inactivity, so the motions involved with e-biking are very helpful. Think about all the joints involved in gripping the handlebar, steering, sitting with good posture, pedaling, mounting, dismounting, maintaining balance, etc. When you think about joints used in cycling, probably knees are the first to come to mind.

In fact, electric bikes for adults can be one of the most beneficial forms of consistent exercise for people suffering from knee pain. As always, be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any new exercise routine. Knee pain can be quite debilitating, so it is always prudent to be cautious.

Exercise Caution

A huge factor in protecting the knees while e-biking is power control. You need enough power to avoid stressing the knees while riding. This includes circumstances such as steep hills or strong headwinds. You’ll want a 750-watt motor to ensure no power shortage is available to keep you pedaling without over-stressing the knees. Vitilan is the right place to find e-bikes equipped with reliable brand-name motors that let you ride with confidence.

Riders with questionable knee durability definitely do not want to pedal back home unassisted because of a weak battery. E-bikes are heavy. They have to be heavy to support the stresses of motorized transportation, and they are no fun to pedal unassisted by motor power. Again, Vitilan goes beyond its competitors and equips your e-bike with a 48-volt 16-amp hour battery. That’s a very significant improvement over other brands in the same price range.

All this extra battery power comes to you from a high-quality brand-name manufacturer, LG. You’ll have reliable power to tame the hills, ease the pressure on your knees, and get you back home in good shape.

A Good Warm-Up is Needed

As you continue exercising on your e-bike, you will also improve the strength and mobility of the small supporting muscles around your knees. This helps improve your range of motion and cuts down on the chances of injury. E-biking moves your knees through a broad range of motion that helps keep your knees working properly. But remember, it is important to warm up before stressing your joints and muscles.

E-biking is a very low-impact exercise, especially as compared to a high-impact activity such as running. But nevertheless, it can be a strenuous activity, so give your muscles and joints an opportunity to warm up before you hit that big hill. Pedal easily for a few minutes, using plenty of pedal assist, and then gradually increase the intensity of your pedaling.

Do Your Heart a Favor

Too many people don't think much about their hearts until they experience heart function problems. Do your heart a favor and ride your e-bike regularly. Recent studies show that e-biking is more beneficial than walking when it comes to heart health. It's very helpful that e-bikes can allow you to adjust the intensity of your pedaling to fit your physical condition. Thus, you can optimize your pulse rate.

That’s the beauty of owning a Vitilan. The level of exercise is completely in your control. If your heart is ready for intense exercise, you can ride without turning on the motor. That's very difficult, though, so more likely you will want to use a low level of pedal assistance.

Vitilan Let Your Exercise Fit your Life

And here’s what’s really nice — if at any moment you decide you’re working a little too hard or getting a little too sweaty, you can just stop peddling and maintain speed with the throttle. You can sweat a lot, sweat a little, or not sweat at all! The ability to precisely tune the intensity of your workout is a definite bonus for e-bikers.

Not every e-bike brand provides the level of customization that comes with a Vitilan. It's just one more way that Vitilan demonstrates its concern for customers. You get a highly customizable ride, but the purchase cost remains under other competing brands.

Keep Your Mind Right

It's easy to forget that exercising for improved health does not strengthen us only from the neck down. It also has a very positive effect on our minds. Without regular outdoor exercise, we miss out on the elevation of some very beneficial hormones.

Endorphins, for example, are released during exercise and "snagged" by your brain. Your brain then reacts to the presence of endorphins by elevating your mood. You feel better, happier, and more capable to handle the challenges of life. Other hormones get in on the act, as well...serotonin and dopamine are also released during vigorous exercise. All of these combine to produce a very positive outlook,

You may even discover that pain levels are reduced. When you feel pain, nerves in your body send pain signals to your brain. Your brain releases endorphins to block the nerve cells that receive the pain signals. This essentially turns off your pain. It helps you to continue functioning, even in painful or stressful situations.

Exercise Enjoyment = Better Health

This is where e-biking has a tremendous advantage over many other types of beneficial exercise. We human beings tend to be erratic in getting our exercise unless we enjoy it -- the exercise activity needs to be fun! If it's s type of activity that we have to make ourselves do, then very likely our performance will suffer. We'll find it easy to just skip a day or two each week.

Going to the gym, running or jogging, and long walks are all good examples of beneficial exercise. Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys each type of exercise. One of the great things about e-biking is that the activity is fun! Most e-bikers eagerly anticipate riding, and that makes it much easier to maintain a regular and consistent exercise schedule.

One Last Word

This is a big deal. It is absolutely not something you want to postpone or ignore. Not many things are more important to you than your health. If you do not already own a Vitilan consider investing in improved health and greater enjoyment of life. Now is the time when these beautiful and high-quality e-bikes are still available at sale prices.

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