Our Story

VITILAN EBIKE originated from a small bike repair shop opened by the founder Adam Chen's father in 1990. His father is full of unique love for bikes and has exquisite repair skills. Under the influence of his father's career, Adam and his brothers are fans of bikes, received many awards in different bike's cycling and design competitions and have shown great talent in learning and understanding of this field. At the same time, Adam was admitted by a local famous university with excellent grades and majored in electronic machinery . After graduating, he worked in a bike manufacturing company as a technical director,the fast and hectic pace of work left him with very little spare time to rest, but that can't stop him and his family from going out on a bike and enjoying the extreme challenges, wild adventures, self-driving tours etc. However, his father was in the retirement age and wasn't able to run the bike repair shop, If no one continues to help him manage the store business, the store would be closed forever. Adam didn't want to let his father down, so that he quitted his job and decided to found the VITILAN EBIKE with his brother.

In 2021, Adam established his own excellent staff team and successfully founded VITILAN EBIKE with his work experience and superb professional knowledge.


In such a fast-paced era of life,our products combine the love of technology and cycling with the concept of a healthy, fast and convenient commute. Let people ride freely in their spare time, shuttle through the beautiful nature, swim on the free coast, and enjoy the spectacular scenery of vast and blue sky, creating a life be full of endless possibilities for people.


Electric bikes are healthier, more environmentally friendly,affordable, and suitable for different age groups. VITILAN is committed to the development of electric bikes that can be used for road, mountain and urban commuting, the hand-picked product components from the world's most inspiring and innovative companies.

We believe urban commuting doesn't have to be time-consuming, expensive and environmental pollution. This is why we want to encourage people to choose electric bikes as a cleaner, healthier and more convenient means of commute in cities, and it is also the preferred method of transportation for people to avoid traffic jams. Folding electric bikes are easy to carry and comfortable to ride. The upgraded fat tires are stable and durable, and are suitable for diverse complex terrains. Fast, intelligent and reliable electric bikes allow you to go anywhere at any time.